Brand Advocacy Marketing

As Consumer Trends Evolve…So Does Effectively Reaching Your Consumer.

Marketing has evolved – today, we are all digital explorers seeking out social-media based peer reviews, videos, and product information as we make informed decisions on product purchases. Google studies on the subject have shown that 84% of consumers are affected by online peer reviews and social media when making product purchase decisions. No longer are consumers swayed by the straight-style advertising that billboards and commercials have traditionally pushed; they are researching their choices and making informed, at-the-moment decisions. Upwards of 70% of Americans research product reviews before making a purchase, and 76% of Americans admit using a smartphone to help with shopping.*

Companies that establish good Brand Advocacy grow an average of 2 ½ times faster than competitors.

Google ZMOT

Google calls this new phenomena the Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT).  The Graph above represents a study completed by Google showing the shifting trends in consimer response ot their increasingly online world (from ZMOT by Google’s Jim Lecinski).  As consumer trends evolve, word-of-mouth marketing has become infinitely more powerful in affecting consumer trends.  For the first time ever, word-of-mouth has been digitized, and the effect is a longer-lasting, more permanent method of reaching consumers than traditional advertising methods. StreetShimon allows your brand to nurture relationships with your consumers, to create and sustain brand advocates, and reward your biggest marketing assets.

For a proposal, please contact us and we will create a brand advocacy package based upon your business model and current marketing assets.

*stats taken from Google’s ZMOT, written by Jim Lecinski and found here.