StreetShimon Brand Advocacy

StreetShimon is an online marketing tool created for music-related promotions designed to incentivize and reward participants for completing marketing actions through social media, web outlets, and grass-roots flyer and poster distribution.  Essentially, it is a way to make professional marketers out of fans, and it works!  With the power of StreetShimon, you can send out any action, or marketing task, to any zip-code radius of the US, and expect results.  StreetShimoners post on message boards, Facebook, write reviews, post Tweets, hand out flyers and coupons, place posters at stores…they will work for the brands they believe in (the rewards help, too).

StreetShimon is designed to generate peer-to-peer content about your brand in the areas needed, from the moment the idea planted following through to the purchase.

StreetShimon 3 Steps to Brand Advocacy

  1. Become a Part of the Content
    The first step in building your brand marketing online is to get user-created content up on the various different consumer sources. Our social media marketing team will research how consumers search for your product, and build a campaign strategy to “fill in the content” utilizing a variety of marketing actions and a team of brand advocates to get the word out there. There are seemingly endless avenues for online content placement, we will choose the best places for your content:

    • Online Community Sites
    • Seller Ratings in Google Search Results
    • Retail sites of all kinds
    • Yelp Comments and Ratings
    • Epinions
    • TripAdvisor
    • DealerRater
  2. Join in on the Conversation
    Once your brand has been pumped up on your genre sites, you need to join in on the conversation to herd consumers to your content.  Your marketing team at StreetShimon will begin sending out social media actions for your team of brand advocates, centering around:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • Message Boards
    • Online Referrals
    • Coupon Sharing
  3. Incentivize the Choice
    The typical path to purchase involves research on product reviews and information, a decision to purchase a product, and then a search for an online coupon for their decided product. Nothing takes a person closer to becoming a brand advocate than their own feeling of accomplishment. “I reasearched the product, and then I found a great coupon online – best purchase ever!”.

For a proposal, please contact us and we will create a brand advocacy package based upon your business model and current marketing assets.