Information Team

Information Logistics

Anyone can give out pre-researched information, but a true information team works with the logistics of the festival to provide live solutions to the continuously evolving problems that inevitably crop up at music events. Our staff has worked a multitude of events and have the expertise not only to provide quality customer service, but to work out and resolve patron issues without requiring outside assistance.  Through our extensive knowledge of festival management, we are able to run an extremely effective information team.

Provided Services

Information Team

  • 24 Hour Booth Operation
  • 24 Hour Hotline Service – patrons receive information on box office hours, etc, and then can leave a message to receive a text back, all the time!
  • Post-festival reuniting of found items to their owners
  • Running Online log of questions and solutions to keep Info Staff up-to-date on any subject throughout event
  • Professional management of team by experienced festival managers
  • A Walking Information Team (WITs) to distribute information throughout the grounds
  • Comment Cards used along with excellent customer service to calm and assure any patron issues
  • Festival knowledge on communication and problem-solving to fix any issues patrons may have
  • Emergency protocol training, for both medical and non-medical
  • Compiled and Researched Keep Your WITs About You manual for categorization of festival information
  • Laminated signs for announcements, stage changes, or any special festival features
  • Pocket-sized Keep Your Wits About You manuals for WITs
  • Multiple Location Ability – all software can run on a LIVE platform to enable real-time information transfer

Lost and Found Services

We have specific protocol to ensure that all measures are taken to reunite found items to their owner, leading to an extremely high success rate in returning items to their owners.  With our live database platform, we can log found items, but also log lost item information as well, and if the item comes in, we are able to contact the patron for pick up.  Following the event, we can run a by-mail reuniting program as well.  A well-managed lost and found system is an invaluable service to patrons.

Patron Value

Access to information is an incredible experience enhancer for festival patrons.  Our information team is on hand to solve any and all patron issues – it’s like having a problem-solving logistics team on hand to pick up the pieces and mend the gaps.  For the patron, having access to information and real answers to problems means that their experience is only temporarily paused due to an issue, instead of ruined!

Information Management

Following your event, we will compile all of the information that our team collected and put together a report.  This report is invaluable to the creation of your next event.  You will see what areas patrons felt were lacking, what gaps were left unattended during the festival, which departments were on top of their game, and which were lacking – this invaluable information will give you a bird’s eye view of your event, and the knowledge to improve year after year.