How to Apply

In order to intern at Shimon Presents, a candidate must first apply using our online form. Once a candidate has applied, he or she will be sent a survey to complete, and then may be contacted about setting up an interview (we conduct skype interviews for out-of-area candidates). Please keep in mind that you can only apply for an internship 1-3 months before your desired start date. Earlier applications will not be accepted. A link to the Application is below.

What will I need to know for my interview?

Interviews are for the purpose of finding out what your skills, goals, and work ethics are. For the candidate, an interview can be a window into the company they are potentially interning for. It is important to have a list of questions prepared for the interviewer so that the candidate can fully understand his or her role in the company. Typical interview questions revolve around accomplishments, goals, and interests. Be sure to have a clear vision of what your goals are with the company, and where you see yourself in a year’s time, or what you feel you will get out of the internship.

Internship Requirements

We require all interns to work out of the Atlanta office for the internship. When traveling, interns are responsible for their own food, gas, and lodging (camping is free at the events). At times, food may be covered, and when possible there may be a gas stipend or room in the company vehicle, but interns must be ready to provide for themselves if needed.

Internship Responsibilities

Interns work directly with their supervisors in the management of our national marketing teams and our onsite festival management system, the Work Exchange Team. Interns work to research new marketing plans, implement marketing strategies, and communicate directly with reps all over the country. For the Work Exchange Team, interns work to organize the program and implement it onsite at festivals.  The work involved in both the Work Exchange Team and Marketing can prepare any individual for a career in the music industry. Our program is centered around teaching and training interns to be self-reliant, and to possess the skills to overreach their job boundaries to create value in their work. Our internship moves at a fast pace, and requires a great amount of responsibility and maturity, and candidates that do not meet these requirements will be released from the internship, so be prepared to work hard and take ownership and pride in your work!

Please email with any questions.

Apply now by accessing the Summer Application below:

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