Special Event Marketing

Johnnie WalkerIn addition to our fan marketing and brand advocacy system, StreetShimon, we can offer special event marketing utilizing innovative media to capture your audience at specific areas or events across the country.  We have an extensive network of local staff, to save you money and get the job done locally!  If you are in need of special marketing services, contact us today!  Our creative team will work with you to come up with a brilliant, out-of-the-box approach for your marketing success!

Case Study – Johnnie Walker House of Walker Campaign
For the tastings in each city market, our reps covered select areas with QR Code Invites enticing smartphone owners to grab the QR Code to receive an invitation to the coveted tasting event in their area!  500 die-cut Johnnie Walker posters were placed in each target neighborhood in 7 cities across the US, within 2 weeks of each tasting date.

Full Reporting on placements provided the client with full accountability of the program success. Each and every poster was verified by a photo, and photos of street signs verify the poster placements.

Poster Placement Report