Fan Action

Marketing Socially – let the fan speak!

Fan ActionsActions
Our marketing managers will work with your team to come up with a comprehensive list of actions that best fit your needs.  Our team will load the actions into StreetShimon and fans will be able to access the actions from their home page, depending on their address location. We create unique actions for each area, keeping your messages local and personal.

Sample Action Types

  • Flyer Actions – passing out flyers at targeted shows and events.
  • Poster Actions – hanging posters in key downtown and college areas.
  • Message Board Actions – spreading the word on genre specific message boards – fans use their own voice to create message about a theme
  • Facebook Actions – Our complete facebook integration allows for a nearly unlimited number of ways to reach people. Posting music or videos, generating buzz around your key dates, having scores of people change their profile pics to your logo, the options are endless
  • Banner Actions – You’ve already made traditional web banners for distribution to your online media partners, so let your street teamers spread them far and wide!
  • Chalk Art Contests – Get your artistic teamers to make an artistic statement on your behalf. Chalk in front of stores, college campuses, at music festivals and street fairs, or anywhere!
  • Creative Contests – We strive to continually imagine new and engaging ways to spread your message. From engaging contests, to compelling rewards, as a partner in your marketing efforts the StreetShimon team will keep your image fresh and your fans engaged!

Our team will assess what prizes and point incentives are most appropriate for your campaign, and place special emphasis on your key marketing opportunities. Through Point Incentives and Rewards, fans complete the marketing actions most important to you!

Action Management
Every action that your fans complete is entered into StreetShimon by our marketing team. This ensures that your marketing dollars are spent on your most important marketing initiatives. As all of the actions that fans complete must be approved by our team, we are able to train fans in the best marketing techniques while maintaining integrity of StreetShimon, and rewarding the fans that put in the most effort!.

Promo Management
StreetShimon has highly developed software that allows our team to track packages as they reach fans, search based on areas containing promo, and track quantities in house and at our Promo Pick Up Locations. Fans can access live information on quantities at our local retail partner locations, so they know when to pick up promo. Our system local area Promo Pick Up Location allows fans to access promo at any time, while saving you money on shipping as an entire city of fans’ packages are sent in one shipment to one central location!

Once you are on StreetShimon, our marketing team will develop an HTML theme that matches your style, using the graphics you provide. HTMLs are sent throughout your campaign, and used to announce key actions or marketing opportunities.  Additionally, you will be included in our national HTML that reaches 80,000+ music enthusiasts!

Fan Actions

Reports & Analysis
We will send you bi-monthly to weekly reports, depending on your campaign length and type, or request a report anytime. Our reports include not only the management work we have completed toward your event, but also every action completed by your team, including links to actual tweets, Facebook Postings, a picture of each and every poster put up and more!