Marketing Packages

We can create a custom-tailored marketing campaign to your needs.  We especially enjoy putting together campaigns with innovative marketing materials and out-of-the-box ideas.  Email us and let us know what your thoughts are and we can put together a customized proposal for you.

For Bands

Rocking the Social Media – Online Only Campaign
Get your fans in on the conversation!  People are already talking about all sorts of things in the social media world, be it on twitter, facebook, message boards, Google+, tumblr….the list just keeps growing!  With our StreetShimon tools, we create new actions each 3 days for your fans to complete on a variety of online sources, and since our actions are zip-code radius based, we craft relevant information for each of your show cities.  We are constantly adding in new action types as the media outlets become available online!  Online campaigns also include art actions, such as chalking in downtown areas, or painting car windows – everything under the sun that can be dreamed up!

Hitting the Streets – Online and Wild Postings
Get our entire online suite plus poster placement in each city you play!  Maximize your online chatter with street work to get the most out of your area teams. Shipping is included in the price, and posters may be added at an additional cost.

For Venues

Supplemental Online
Perhaps you’ve got a strong presence on the streets – you have your route and staff that put your posters up each week.  The supplemental online package is geared towards growing your online fans and show marketing.  Fans “like” your page on Facebook, RSVP to shows, and create online chatter around your events.  There has never been a better time to jump in the online arena!

Full-Throttle StreetShimon
Working with your venue as a promo pick up, we direct the online and street promotions for your shows!  Fans earn rewards such as tickets to shows or venue merch for their efforts, and you get an accountable, effective marketing team that you don’t have to think about.  We will send you reports of activity, and you can decide which shows to emphasize in your promotions.

For Events

Online Building
We offer events a special online package that includes all of the online tools StreetShimon has to offer, in order to begin building the fan team and engaging the online audience.  This package is designed as a lead-in to full-time street promotions.  Many events will utilize the Online Building package for the first few months of their campaign, and then add on the Full-Throttle StreetShimon a few months before the event.

Full-Throttle StreetShimon
The all-out marketing power of StreetShimon!  A national online campaign coupled with regional wild postings of posters and target hand-to-hand flyer distribution.  Maximize your marketing dollar by hitting all genres of peer-to-peer promotions – the most effective marketing for your audience.