Program Overview

StreetShimon is a program developed to turn regular fans into a team of marketers for your band, event, or venue., launched in 2009, is an interactive website where we host music happenings and fans sign up to help promote these music events in exchange for points they can use to purchase music tickets, merchandise, and other rewards in the Online Rewards Store.  Our marketing team creates actions that are zip-code radius defined that fans living in each region can access through their home page – all sorts of actions from completing online tasks to putting up posters around town.  For each music event campaign, fans also compete on that event’s LeaderBoard – the top promoters win tickets to the event!  StreetShimon is an incredible way to market, and also a fun way for fans to interact and earn rewards!

Understand the Power of StreetShimon Fan Marketing:

Fan Action  – Harness the power of word of mouth advertising by directing fans to pass along your messages regionally or nationally. StreetShimon can be used to create any action type – be it posting on facebook, tweeting, or Google +1 recommending your website.

Tap Into Rewards – Getting your existing fans on StreetShimon gives them access to all types of music rewards, including festival tickets, concert tickets and merch. Once you are on StreetShimon, all fans will be able to work for your campaign, and purchase their desired reward! This means that you can cross audience genres with your marketing!

Your Input – Find out what you can do to increase your marketing success, and what requirements there are to be a part of the StreetShimon Community.

Packages  – We offer a variety of packages suiting different needs – venues, bands, and events. has been specially developed to accommodate each of these separate music promotions methods – check out what we can offer you!

Testimonials  – See what our clients and current StreetShimon users are saying!

If you are interested in hosting your tour, venue, or event on StreetShimon, you can request a quote here.  Please contact us with any questions about our services.