From the fans…

Nothing better than getting the word of live music out into the air for everybody to take in and with StreetShimon you can do just that!!!
Adam – Tempe, AZ

This site is the best way to put in a little work and get compensated with tickets to events.  Easy to use and fast is what today’s world is all about, this site is all of that and more!  Thanks StreetShimon for being so cool!!!!
Shauna – Topeka, KS

I am really impressed with the layout of the StreetShimon website and the functionality that it provides.  It is incredibly easy to use and understand.  I really like that I have the ability to do this street team work outside of the full time job that I currently have.  The questions that I have submitted to you are always answered quickly and I really like that there is a personal touch to the responses that I get.  Even the short ‘thanks’ written into my submissions lets me know that this was reviewed in some manner.  It seems that I will have a lot of opportunities to be involved in my city.  I am really looking forward for promo to come out for Wakarusa and Electric Forest!

Thanks for what you do!
Carly – Madison, WI

I love StreetShimon because it gives me the opportunity to see great music, and sometimes for free! Without it, I don’t think I would have the funds to see some of the phenomenal music I have over the years and it’s all thanks to you guys! Keep up that hard work and music for all! One love.
Christina – Atlanta, GA

This is my second year working with StreetShimon and I love it. I already like to talk to people about my favorite music festival. StreetShimon gives me an opportunity to earn cool stuff like tickets while I spread my excitement about my favorite upcoming shows!
Charlene – Memphis, TN

Honestly I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t do this. I tell every festival-goer I know about this method of earning their ticket! Hope Streetshimon.com is around for many years to come! Keep it up!
Ethan – Richmond, VA

I can’t say enough how much I enjoy using StreetShimon! Not only does it keep me updated on what’s happening in the music scene but it’s helping me save a bit of money with the points rewards system. I already have a few friends into the site as well all saying the same thing … they love it! Thanks for doing what you guys do StreetShimon !!!
Steven – Bloomfield Hills, MI

I LOVE Street Shimon!! I am a promoter on many street teams and I love spreading the word about good music. It is great to be rewarded for the hard work I do with good rewards that I want.
Brandon – Lawrence, KS

In my opinion what StreetShimon does is great! i couldn’t agree more that fans of music are the best purveyors of information and thus putting the power of spreading the word of music into the hands of the fans is an outstanding idea!
Max – Tallahassee, FL

I could not possibly afford my All Good ticket and it would have been my first summer in 3 years without going!  I promoted through StreetShimon, it was easy, and I got my ticket to the festival for half price!

StreetShimon is such an amazing tool for music lovers and makes it easy and fun to earn cool stuff and afford some of the most amazing experiences aroundddd<3
Amy – Fairfax VA

I love StreetShimon. I got to go to Electric Forest for free last summer and get my buddy a half off ticket by having fun and promoting the festival at other shows I went to. There is no other way to go to a festival in my opinion!
John – Clarkston, MI

I’ve been promoting through StreetShimon.com for a few months now, & I absolutely LOVE it! It’s a great way to get the word out there to your friends & others about the amazing festivals & events around the US. Plus the rewards are pretty cool :) Thanks!!
Addie – New Orleans, LA

I think StreetShimon is a great promoting website that works with the best bands and festivals.  I think the actions and point system are really fun and they have the coolest reward store!  I look forward to getting onto StreetShimon everyday and seeing what new actions I can do.  I love hanging up the fliers and doing fun activities like chalking pictures or painting my car!  StreetShimon definitely rewards everyone that takes their time out to post about something and it’s a website I am glad I came upon!
Kelly – Albany, NY

I’ve known about StreetShimon for about six months but just recently joined to campaign for Wakarusa. I think StreetShimon is a great tool for promotion of awesome music events. It is also an innovative way for individuals (who may not be able to afford a ticket monetarily) to use other methods to earn a ticket. It’s incredible.
Molly – Manitou Springs, CO

StreetShimon has helped me and my friends go to free festivals and earn free swag for getting the word out about great shows and amazing artists!! This will be my third year going to Waka and I couldn’t have done it without the help from the great people at StreetShimon!  Thanks guys!!
Taylor – Nashville, TN

I just wanted to say that I think it’s awesome that you give people the chance to go to some of the best festivals in the country by doing the smallest tasks. You got a fan for life in me! I’m also a regular user so get those actions posted cause I’m trying to go to Waka for free! haha You guys are awesome, much love.
Bob – Lake Station, IN

Street Shimon is amazing! I love promoting for my favorite music and receiving tickets in return. StreetShimon is also a great way to connect with fellow music lovers!
Martha – New Orleans, LA

StreetShimon helps participants to really commit to the things they love, and work hard in order to receive well-earned rewards. This program inspires one to really explore their community and even one’s creative side through things like chalking sidewalks with exciting news, or finding new places to post flyers that have never been thought of previously. StreetShimon allows people to have wonderful experiences of music that they might not have the chance to experience otherwise, and for this I am very grateful.
Lindsay – Charleston, SC

Why I like StreetShimon.com?  You get rewarded for sharing the music and festivals you love with the friends you love!
Brandon – Dallas,TX

StreetShimon has helped me make it to many a few festivals and shows in my area that I could not have afforded on my own. I’m so thankful there is a program that allows me to exchange work for tickets without putting a deposit down. The website is reliable and accessible and the staff is easily accessible with helpful and quick replies. StreetShimon has helped me travel during the summer and given me valued experience in marketing in which I’m currently studying. Thank StreetShimon team and crew for being so helpful and awesome!
Victoria – Wesley Chapel, FL

I’ve been part of the StreetShimon team since last year when I promoted my way to half off my Wakarusa 2011 ticket, and a FREE ticket to Electric Forest. I spend most of my summers traveling around to festivals all over the country, and it has been a blessing to find this group that provides the opportunity to earn entry. Especially since gas prices are on the rise and a lot of money is spent simply getting to the festivals, the ability to work to assure entrance is much appreciated. I’m working extra hard this winter to get my points up early for Waka, Electric Forest, and All Good tickets. Thank you all so much for this wonderful opportunity – and I have been promoting not only festivals, but StreetShimon as well to all my friends and colleagues.
Lindsey – Indianapolis, IN

StreetShimon is AWESOME! I love being able to promote events that I love and being able to make them bigger and better! It’s so much fun! I love StreetShimon! :)
Haley – Oklahoma City, OK

I am so pleased to have found out about StreetShimon. They a true blessing for an absolute music lover :)
Jessica – Mountain Home, AR