Your Input

Promotional Materials
What's InvolvedYou send us your materials, or we can order them locally from an inexpensive printer, saving you on shipping.  We will let you know when we are running low on materials so that additional orders can be made. Recommended promotional material format is double-sided glossy flyers and 11×17 posters (we can print color posters at our office).

Target Markets, Concerts & Events
Our marketing professionals will create an outline of target markets and promotional actions for your team to complete. Your input is essential so that we can encourage your team to complete your most important marketing initiatives.

Exclusive Rewards
Your campaign will require some kind of “grand prize.” These are the rewards that are actively competed for on your Leaderboard. Of course this is at your discretion and the quantity is determined by the size and the scope of your project. Typically for a major music festival, we ask for 40 festival passes (20 for the Leaderboard, 20 for the Reward Store) as top level rewards. For bands, we require 4 guest list spots per show (2 for the leaderboard, 2 for the Reward Store).

Rewards Store
In addition to your Exclusive Rewards, we ask that your provide additional items to further incentivize a wider range of fans. This can be any combination of posters, t-shirts, stickers, buttons, albums, etc. We will discuss your schwag inventory and help you determine what is best used for this.

Graphics, Videos, and Media
Provide us with a list of media content (links to video, music, logos, band graphics, web banners, etc…) that you would like us to use to promote. Also, be sure to keep us posted when new media becomes available.

Your fans are your biggest marketing asset, and we want them on StreetShimon earning rewards and talking you up. To get your fans involved, it’s important to include the StreetShimon opportunity in all of your HTML newsletters, on your websites, and through your social media postings. Hosting a street team or fan area page on your website will help direct interested persons to your team.