Work Exchange Team

Staffing a large event is an enournous task that can become tedious and expensive. With all of the departments and overall management of the event, it can become difficult to dissect the areas where your event can save utilizing volutneers. That’s where The Work Exchange Team initally becomes a valuable asset to your event. With over 12 years of management and overhead experience at more than 100 events, our expert consulting services, beginning at least 3 months prior to your event, will capitalize your staffing cost savings while maintaining the integrity and level of professional staffing your event needs.

Keep Staffing Costs Down

Our program is designed to maximize your staffing savings by placing volunteers with prior experience and skills in appropriate jobs, and our onsite team is on-call to manage that sober, happy and healthy workers are the face of your event.  We take your volunteers and get the most out of them!

Work Exchange Team

Tailored Services to Your Event’s Needs

Depending on your event size and ticket price, our volunteers will either be required to work 12, 15, or 18 hours in exchange for their ticket to your event.  The larger your event is, the more work you can get out of each of your volunteers, and the more you SAVE.  Our program comes with a plethora of services designed to help you run a successful event that patrons will enjoy.

Work Exchange Team Program Highlights

Communication with your departments well in advance of your event to aid in the formation of the staffing needs outline per department.

Designed and Developed website including all forms necessary to accept applications, volunteer preferences, and deposits in a professional and user-friendly format.

Communication utilizing branded HTML emails to all event volunteers, including phone and email support throughout the event term.

Scheduling done by hand to ensure that volunteer’s needs and requests are considered along with their previous experience and each department’s specific needs.

A database of over 90,000 past WETs including all performance notes from each department the WET has worked.

An experienced full-time paid management staff that manages the volunteer process throughout the event term.

Onsite management oversight to “put out fires.” Our staff can assess a situation and effectively fix it without the need for outside assistance. Additionally, our staff is onsite managing all volunteer activities – checking them in to their shifts, delivering them to their post, recording their performance during each shift, checking them out of their shifts, and communicating with departments as needed.

Post-event deposit release and communication with volunteers, as well as a post-event report to help your event grow in future years.