Program Outline

Event Consultation

Months prior to your event, we will begin consultation based upon your event layout (camping, one-day only, etc). We will help you decide on the appropriate number of volunteers you should take on and begin assessing department placement, work hours and job descriptions while communicating with your departments.

Online Application & Deposit

Our website has been specially developed for the management of volunteers for events. It is secure, easy-to-use and has over 50,000 registered users. Our online application will go live, and our marketing team will begin sending out branded HTMLs to our lists of over 90,000 past WETs to help you recruit your volunteers. It is very important that your event also provide marketing services to recruit your volunteers, as your volunteers will ultimately come from your group of fans. As applications are submitted, we continue discussions with your event and begin deciding on volunteer hours and placement. The event deposit will then go live, at which point volunteers will lock themselves in with a ticket-price deposit that secures their spot on the team and their services for your event.


A few weeks before your event, we will begin to schedule all of your volunteers, based upon event needs, volunteer qualifications and past work, as well as the volunteer’s preferences on bands and friends they would like to work with. We release the schedule prior to your event so that any scheduling issues may be resolved in advance, and your event’s volunteer schedule is locked and secure day-of-show.

Onsite Management

Onsite, we provide a team of staff to manage operations, as well as a highly developed database system to track volunteers. Our experienced staff – made up of full-time event professionals – will manage the deployment and placement of your volunteers, and are on call throughout your event to replace, switch out, or gather volunteers for surprise needs that arise. Having the knowledge of how many volunteers (and which ones!) are in each department enables our staff to pull from one area and place in another area, as the need arises, throughout your event.

Additionally, our staff places your volunteers based upon their ability to perform well in a given department, enabling your department staff to run their departments and not just manage volunteers.

All of your Volunteers are given a rating on their performance at each department they work – this information is recorded by our staff and utilized in future scheduling and placement decisions.

Following Your Event

Once the event has come to an end, our staff refunds all deposits from volunteers who successfully completed their work obligations. All deposits from volunteers that did not complete their obligations are returned back to the event. Essentially, your defunct volunteers purchased a ticket! Our staff will communicate and close out the event with all volunteers, send out a survey HTML, and finally, compile and send a report of all aspects of the event for your event’s future use.
Work Exchange Team