What’s Needed From Your Event

The Volunteers

Your event provides the volunteers – remember, these volunteers are working for you! Your support in marketing is essential to recruiting your volunteers, and inclusion on the event website is necessary. Inclusion in Event HTMLs and Social Media postings are also vital to recruiting your team!

Inter-Staff Communication

We will set deadlines for information and decisions that your staff must adhere to – we will need an open communication with your chosen department heads well in advance of your event to enable us to set up the criteria for your volunteers. Deadlines will be set for the submission of labor requests from departments as well.

Volunteer T-Shirts

All volunteers need to be provided with an Event Volunteer T-shirt. This keeps your event looking clean and organized, as all of your volunteers will appear to be working staff while on shift! T-shirts are not included in the Work Exchange Team quote.

Staff Lodging and Meals

Catering and close lodging for all Work Exchange Team staff is essential to a well-run volunteer force!

Onsite Equipment

A designated check in/check out tent wired for internet access placed near the music is essential to operations. It is essential that volunteers are able to easily locate the tent, so placement on the Event Map is a good idea. We will also need a designated radio channel so that your departments can contact us at any time. Depending on the layout of your event and the number of volunteers we are managing for you, we may need an appropriate number of golf carts.

Volunteer Camping

If your event offers camping, a specially reserved prime spot for your volunteers helps morale and aids in the creation of ambassadors for you event!