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You’ve got fans, we’ve got the power to turn them into professional workers! Event management consulting is our specialty, and we work with some of the top music events in the country to help bring exciting experiences to music fans. Through our programs, we can take the ordinary fan and turn them into brand advocates and event staff.  Additionally, we offer expert consultation services to help your event reach its full potential, with a little help from the fans!

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The Work Exchange Team

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Our full-service fan management labor consulting program will kick your event’s labor program into high gear. Our knowledge and consulting will ensure that your event fan staff and/or volunteers are turned from fans into motivated workforce, ready to provide excellent attendee services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a staffing agency.  Our full-service fan management labor consulting program is the most respected in the industry, and for good reason!  We’ve shown events how to save tens of thousands on the cost of event labor – give us a call to find out how we can help your event maximize labor force efficiency.


If you’ve got a staff team in place to manage your event fan labor program, but would like to tap into the Work Exchange Team program and fan labor management expertise, license the festiVOL event labor management software.  Head to festiVOL.com to find out more!


Event Management

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We have developed a plethora of programs to help events succeed!  Check out our Walking Information Team, touted as the most useful tool in patron satisfaction for events.