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You’ve got fans, we’ve got the power to turn them into professional workers! Marketing, Event Management and Fan Management is our specialty, and we work with some of the top music events in the country to help bring exciting experiences to music fans. Through our programs such as StreetShimon and the Work Exchange Team, we can take the ordinary fan and turn them into brand advocates or event staff.  Additionally, we offer exciting event marketing and expert consultation services to help your event reach its full potential.

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StreetShimon Fan Marketing

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Our highly developed program of incentive-based fan marketing.  Give your fans rewards for their efforts spreading the word about your band or event online and on the streets.  No fan program out there compares to the quality and professional marketing StreetShimon provides!

The Work Exchange Team

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Over 10 year of event volunteer management experience has evolved into an incredible online volunteer sign up program coupled with an efficient onsite database management system.  We save events time, money, and onsite hassle!

Event Management

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We have developed a plethora of programs to help events succeed!  Check out our Walking Information Team, touted as the most useful tool in patron satisfaction for events.

Brand Advocacy

StreetShimon Brand Advocacy | Brand Advocacy Marketing

We understand social media, and our tools for promotions utilize your fans to and build brand advocates out of them through incentive rewards!  Check out what we can do for your brand advocacy program!

Special Event Marketing

We have reps in every city, and can complete special marketing initiatives around any event or area.  Let us come up with your next marketing scheme!